Arizona's Economy

Lea knows that ensuring that Arizona has safe, reliable and affordable utilities is key to supporting our existing economy while recruiting new residents and businesses to our state. Lea has been a business owner in Tucson and led the Tucson Hispanic Chamber for close to ten years. During her tenure, she worked with families and small business owners closely to ensure their success. Affordable and reliable utility services are vitally important to support our small business community.

Protecting Our Residents From Drastic Rate Hikes

Lea grew up in Southern Arizona and her family has lived in rural Arizona since the early 1900's. She understands Arizona. She has met with residents throughout the state as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner to discuss their current rates and needs for operational and maintenance improvements by their local electric, water and wastewater companies. She continues to work hard to protect our residents from drastic utility rate hikes.

Streamlining Business Processes

Lea has worked with small businesses throughout Southern Arizona in her role as CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber and understands that it can be easier to do business in Arizona. She is working closely with the Commission staff to streamline incorporation of businesses and to collaborate with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office and other agencies to make it easier for businesses - especially small businesses - to know how to receive the assistance they need from state agencies.