Lea Márquez Peterson Meets with the Water Utility Association of Arizona

TUCSON — Arizona Corporation Commission Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson met with the Water Utility Association of Arizona Monday to learn about Arizona’s private small water companies and the unique challenges they face delivering safe, reliable, and affordable water to rural Arizonans.

The Arizona Corporation Commission regulates nearly 250 water companies throughout the state, many of which serve under 1,000 residential customers and are located in remote and unincorporated areas of Arizona. Average monthly bills can range anywhere from $5 to $109 per month, with 33 water companies having average monthly rates below $18 per month and 17 companies above $66 per month.

“It is vital for these rural utility companies, and the customers that they serve, have an active voice in the discussions about the state’s water policies," said Ray Jones, executive director of the Water Utilities Association of Arizona. “While large companies such as EPCOR, Arizona Water, Liberty Utilities, Global Water, and Johnson Utilities make the most headlines, it’s the small water companies that make some of your most meaningful decisions.”

Commissioner Márquez Peterson agreed with Jones echoing the need to amplify that voice on behalf of Arizona’s small water customers and operators.

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Mike Foster